We do more than just clothes...


The picture below was taken on an under-funded day.  We were low on food, clothes and money but one of our volunteers had $48 and we fed 40 people in one of our 4 parks.  A normal park usually consists of about 50 cores.   

It is our sole mission to provide our cores with food, clothing, training for a new job, mental health for their addictions and PTSD as well as find them employment so they can live comfortably.

our lines of love

We bring our cores food, clothing, and other donated goods by the means of our own vehicles and resources.  We try not to depend on donations, but every penny helps.  Thank GOD for people like yourself.

Your contribution is really appreciated.  Donations will be used to fund our programs that assist the needy and homeless, so that we can employee them and stabilize their future. 

We offer them a destination, and goals along the way that add consistent action and progression to our overall plan. By giving them housing, food, training, mental help resources and small health services we can shape the hope for their better tomorrow.


This picture was taken in Franklin Park.  People were fed well, but we only had one slice left but luckily these two gentlemen, split it in half and were happy as well as grateful.


Thank you for visiting us.  If you would like to contribute monetary wise, the donate link above is how you do it.  If you would like to donate your time, check out the contact us page and click the volunteer tab.


When it rains or sleets, or snows.  As long as I have breath in me, I will continue to serve our people.
— Corey Albright, Sr.
when it rains, sleets, or snows we are still there