Become a SponCore, Core Sponsor



- A SponCore Core Sponsor, is a person/ volunteer that qualifies to run/ be the lead of a SponCore post.

How Does One Qualify?

There are multiple ways to becoming a core sponsor, here are a few options

- Be nominated by a SponCore Leader (Founder/ Co-Founder) or another Core Sponsor

- Gain enough volunteer experience partnering with SponCore

- Have a history of volunteer work (Must bring proof of volunteer experience)

- Ask about training to become a Core Sponsor

sponcore, core sponsor TRAINING?

- Get a walkthrough of how we operate and how we give hope to those in need. Meeting other volunteers that you will eventually train to operate posts with ease and efficiency.

find out more by emailing us through our contact page. be sure to fill in the subject as

"core sponsor"

Click Core Sponsor above to be directed to our contact page.