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Corey Albright is one of the original co-founders.  He was featured in the news here.  He loves chess, basketball, and loves music from all genres.  Corey's background is in computer science, international business and finance.
Corey, previously attended Harvard's executive program and hopes to finish his MBA so he can continue to help SponCore grow.
Corey's attitude towards the homeless and needy has always driven him to assist others who are in need.  He believes strongly in GOD and he holds strong to his faith.  
Corey is known for his positive attitude and his ability to warm up a room.


Tena assists with SponCore and managing the outreach programs.  A wonderful person who is one of the original co-founders SponCore.  In her spare time she likes fishing, swimming, assisting in the prevention of domestic violence and is mother to 2 beautiful and loving children.  And is also a grandmother of two lovely children.  You will find Tena doing missionary work internationally as well.


Chele is another co-founder of SponCore. She loves music, dancing, and just about anything artistically expressive. In addition to running SponCore's social media sites, she also bakes delicious treats for the homeless and needy every Sunday. Chele is a single mom of two beautiful children who also volunteer at SponCore! She is a firm believer in Karma, humanity, and love!